13 Absolutely Genius Senior Pranks

Posted Jul 23, by Alexa Torres

No matter what era you're from, every Senior class wants to go out with a BANG. If you don't have any ideas, you're in luck! You'll be the talk of the school for years to come, if you can pull off these badass pranks.

Fill the hallways with cups of water. No one is ever going to forgive you for having to wear soggy socks all day.

...or you can add a boat to that hallway full of cups of water.

Put post-its EVERYWHERE...

...and no. Your principal's car isn't exempt.

Make it worse by wrapping the car in plastic wrap!

Live in a farm town? Bring the farm to school with you! Fill the hallways with hay.

Draw phallic images on the football field.

Speaking of hard things to pull off...conduct your very own penis inspection.

If your school has a fountain, you have the perfect opportunity to turn it into a bubble pit.

If you really want to piss off every school official, put the building up for sale.

If you can pull off this prank, you're definitely amongst the world's best pranksters.

If you can't get a car on the roof of your school, surely you can build a swing-set.

This is how you Fork Up the schoolyard.

Fill the hallway with balloons on the last day of school if you really want to commemorate your last day as a senior by going out with a big BANG!

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