20 Animals You Won't Believe Actually Exist. One of Them Will Haunt You Forever.

Posted Dec 27, by Val Liarikos

Most people have never seen these animals before. One of them even seems to have a set of humanlike teeth! They might look fake, but these are all REAL! Beware! One or more of them might haunt your animal dreams forever. 

The Red-Lipped Batfish walks around the bottom of the ocean floor walking on its fins. Yes, these things can walk.

The Peacock Mantis Shrimp can deliver a punch that is just as powerful as a gunshot. You can't keep them in a normal aquarium because they will punch your other fish and even the tank's glass.

Okapis are closest related to the giraffe family. They are native to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Pacu Fish seems to have a set of human teeth. They are closely related to piranhas and are nicknamed "ball cutters." Let's stop there.

The Panda Ant is actually a species of wasp. These fuzzy wuzzies have a horrible sting so stay away.

The Narwhal is found in the Arctic. Their enormous horns make them the unicorns of the sea.

The Blind Snake might scare you for what it resembles, but have no fear, it has no eyes.

The Umbonia Spinosa is believed to be related to the cicada. They feed on plant sap.

The Lowland Streaked Tenrec is found in Madagascar. Beware, they are covered in little barbs!

The Hummingbird Hawk-Moth might look strange, but it's really just an insect that feeds on flowers.

The Blue Dragon has a gas filled sac in its stomach. Don't step on these blue guys.

The Shoebill can be 110cm-152cm. These blue feathered birds live in swamps. Cozy.

The Venezuelan Poodle Moth remains fairly unstudied, but based on it's looks, you can't trust it.

The Giant Isopod is so big because many of them expirience "deep sea gigantism." That's reason enough to not want to cuddle with them.

The Saiga Antelope is known for its extremely unusual, over-sized, flexible nose structure

The Bush Viper does it's hunting at night. Have no fear, it's one of the smallest snake species around.

The Blue Parrotfish spends about 80% of its time looking for food. No wonder it's so big.

The Indian Purple Frog only spends about two weeks above ground every year.

The Thorny Dragon is covered in sharp spikes and uses them as a defense mechanism

The Sea Pig has creepy little tube feet. Don't worry, these live so deep you will never run into one. Unless, of course, you are a Sea Pig.

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