11 Incredibly Bizarre Jobs That Are Now Extinct. #10 Is So Creepy

Posted Mar 08, by BJ Rudd

1. Bowling alley pin setter

This job was typically reserved for a teenager due to being a low-paying job.

2. Knocker-upper

They were practically the equivalent of a "wake up call" service most hotels have today. They'd make sure their clients were awake and on time!

They used peashooters and "truncheons" to knock on windows. They also knocked on doors until their clients answered.

3. Ice cutter

This dangerous job took place most winters when lakes would freeze. Ice cutters would saw through layers of ice and provide delivery men with them.

4. Pre-radar enemy aircraft detection

This was the only way that soldiers could listen to approaching enemy aircrafts and be able to provide their troops with adequate warning.

5. Rat Catcher

They were pivotal in controlling Europe's rat population, as well as helping prevent the spread of disease.

This job was very dangerous, as many of the workers would suffer from rat bites.

6. Lamp lighter

Before electric street lights were available, these people would have to light each lamp individually as dusk.

7. Milkman

Before homes had refrigerators, it was the milk man's job to deliver fresh milk daily.

8. Log driver – Before logs were delivered by the truck load, the only way to deliver them was to haul them downriver.

9. Switchboard operator

Early telephone technology didn't allow for phone calls without a switchboard operator connecting you to the other party.

10. Resurrectionist – These people would take corpses from graves so that they could be researched and used as cadavers for universities.

11. Factory worker lector

Since most factory workers weren't educated, lectors had the responsibility of reading to the employees as a way of providing them with some form of entertainment while working.

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