23 Ridiculously Creative Marriage Proposals. The Harry Potter One Is Brilliant!

Posted Mar 18, by BJ Rudd

Under the sea

In a clam

With a hidden photographer

At the finish line

With Desert

With Cracker Jacks

While running a mundane errand

In a photobooth

With a real-life Monopoly game

With Scrabble

With a s'more

Just like Mario would propose to Peach.

In your morning coffee

With A Fake Out

The marriage proposal version of this refrigerator.

With a love letter

...and the option to pick out your own ring

Spelled out with every ticket stub of every movie you went to together.

At Disneyland

With a super simple and sweet message

...and while paying homage to Star Trek

With A Dog

Just make sure he doesn't eat the ring

On the beach

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