No, This Is Not Photoshop. A Makeup Artist Created Marge Simpson on a Real Person

Posted Apr 11, by Christen Grumstrup

Photographer Alexander Khokhlov and Makeup Artist Veronica Ershova worked on a project that transforms regular women into magical works of art. With Khokholv's unique camera style and Ershova's makeup expertise, these photographs turn into mind-bending illusions. Despite some of the photos looking like drawings, they are all actual women with their makeup perfectly done to capture the vision of the artists. Every model became a canvas and the results are stunning. 


In this photo, makeup created the yellow skin color and big eyes. Flowers were used for the hair.

Her red lips are actually painted on her neck. Can you tell?

This proves it is possible to create a pixelated look using makeup.... in case anyone was wondering.

If you look long and hard enough you can see her eyes are actually closed.

If you stare long enough you might become hypnotized.

Two faces in one.

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