22 Vintage Ads Designed To Keep Women In Their Place... The Last One Hit Me So Hard

Posted Apr 16, by Beej Rudd [+]

The Mad Men era was the glorified period for advertising in mid-20th century America.

It was a post-war frenzy to reassemble as Americans, settle down as families, and buy all the things that desperately told the world how well we were doing.

The print ads leveraged fear, sensationalism, and often defined women by their servitude to men.

It was a different time -- a difficult time to look back on.

A time where women were taught that they NEEDED a man in order to lead a happy life

Just think about the message that this sent to women in those times...

God forbid a woman lost her husband, it was thought to be one of the worst things that could happen to her

During this time, spousal abuse was common and widely accepted as a social norm, whether it were verbal or physical.

Innocence and purity were required of women or else she'd jeopardize her marriage potential

Can you imagine being a woman in this era?

Nothing like some good ol' fashioned body shaming to bring the family together.

While these may seem ridiculous today, it makes you wonder what of today's advertising we will scoff at in 50 years time.

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