23 Photos Of People From All Over The World Next To How Much Food They Eat Per Day

Posted May 04, by Beej Rudd [+]
Photographers Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluisiand, have spent a huge part of their life together traveling the world meeting numerous people from walks of life that differ from their own.
Typically, after spending time with these families, they would ask permission to photograph them next to their daily diets. To their surprise the caloric intake differed greatly between people all over the world and thus this project was born. 

Marble Moahi, Mother Living with HIV/AIDS, Botswana – 900 Calories

Munna Kailash, Bicycle Rickshaw Driver, India – 2,400 Calories

Noolkisaruni Tarakuai, Third Wife of a Maasai Chief – 800 Calories

Ahmed Ahmed Swaid, Qat Merchant, Yemen – 3,300 Calories

Leland Melvin, NASA Astronaut, Outer Space – 2,700 Calories

Nguyen Theo, Rice Farmer, Vietnam – 2,500 Calories

Felipe Adams, Iraq War Veteran, California – 2,100 Calories

Tiffany Whitehead, Amusement Park Ride Supervisor, Minnesota – 1,900 Calories

Ruma Akhter, Seamstress, Bangladesh – 1,800 Calories

Saleh Abdul Fadlallah, Camel Broker, Egypt – 3,200 Calories

Curtis Newcomer, US Army Soldier, Mojave Desert – 4,000 Calories

Din Memon, Taxi Driver, Chicago – 2,000 Calories

Conrad Tolby, Truck Driver, Illinois– 5,400 Calories

Mariel Booth, Model and Student, New York – 2,400 Calories

Katherine Navas, High Schooler, Venezuela – 4,000 Calories

Solange Da Silva Correia, Rancher’s Wife, Brazil – 3,400 Calories

Coco Simone Finken, Vegetarian, Canada – 1,900 Calories

Willie Ishulutak, Soapstone Carver, Canada – 4,700 Calories

Lan Guihua, Farmer, China – 1,900 Calories

Maria Ermelinda Ayme Sichigalo, Mother of Eight, Ecuador – 3,800 Calories

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