The 15 Worst Police Sketches Of All Time. I Lost It At #4

Posted May 14, by BJ Rudd

If you expect to find a suspect based on these police sketches, think again! Are these people even human?

The one time someone drew a picture of one of the lost Mario Bros

Police were looking for this "man" in connection with "lewd comments and gestures to a woman jogger."

This is apparently a very detailed sketch of a suspect in Delaware...good luck knowing what he really looks like!

Somehow, Police were able to find this man convicted of bank robbery with this sketch. How they did it, we'll never know!

Is there a reason that this battery suspect appeared so zen?

This car thief with the outdated haircut

Was this suspect wearing a wig?

This was a murder suspect...I'm guessing he murdered an animal, then put it on top of his head as a disguise.

Did the witness mention that this suspect was giving major side-eye during the robbery?

Wolfman was also wanted by police in Woodbridge, Virginia.

If this is how the suspect really looks, I'm running...FAST!

This distinctive hat will make it easy to catch this suspect...not.

As you can see, Police sketches are always at least 1% accurate!

Japanese authorities are now using Wii avatars to find their suspects. Super effective? I think not...

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