23 Cats Who Probably Just Lost 1 Of Their 9 Lives. #4 Is PRICELESS

Posted Jun 02, by BJ Rudd

This is why I'll never throw a surprise birthday party for my cat!

This cat who will never trust his dog pal, again.

This cat who just lost trust for all humans.

This cat who will never try to eat your leftovers again.

This cat who immediately regretted being too nosey.

This big ole scaredy cat who doesn't like birds.

This cat who was caught grooming himself and doesn't like the attention.

This family frightened by the discovery of hiccups.

This cat who's practicing his 'Thriller' dance moves.

This cat who discovered a hedgehog for the first time.

This cat who landed on a sinking ship.

This cat who regrets his curious nature.

This cat who now prefers paper over plastic.

This cat who didn't see this coming.

This cat who lost his Christmas cheer.

These kittens who are running away from their chores.

This cat who's seeing his reflection for the first time.

This cat who is so surprised by how good these sheets feel.

This cat who's afraid of the movie, 'JAWS'

This cat who hates washing his hands.

This cat who is appalled at your dirty laundry.

This cat who was attacked by a banana peel.

This cat who saw a ghost for the very first time.

This cat who was only trying to see if you needed new windshield wipers.

This cat who's a certified toy inspector.

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