25 Most Amazingly Timed Photos

Posted Mar 21, by Jose Duarte

Spear fishing looks really cool

Jesus plane will save us all

Angel blowing some smoke

They told me I could do anything, so I lifted the moon

As the cannon blows

Whatcha doin'? Nothing... just riding my bike on the water

And the bubble goes POP

Bracing for explosion

Hello? Yes this is airplane

I'm walking through the forest!

Snake about to eat

Eagle with smoke trail

Two guns firing at the same time.

Perfectly timed wave crash

Lightning may not strike twice... but six times!

Fencers poking each other at the same time

Explosion in mid air

Moon rising under the Olympic rings

A crocodile eats its bait

Perfectly timed kick to the ribs

This rocket looks like it's just floating mid air

Water droplet looks like a globe

A Flying Car?! How can that be?

Colorful Explosion

Nom Nom Nom

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