17 Unbelievably Perfectly Timed Photos

Posted Mar 26, by Jose Duarte

Everyone in this family needs to go on a diet, ASAP

Misunderstood Snake just wanted a kiss

Silly Rick, that's not how you get off a swing

She looks pretty indifferent as balls hit her face

Sure, you can have some of my drink

Perfectly timed water balloon explosion

Dear God it's a mouse get in the car!

The consequences of not sharing your cake with Dog

Extremely Photogenic Football Player

The deviously plot to kill Nancy almost succeeded

Balloon dog must go. His people need him

Oh God, why did I come here, I am not good with soccer

That's not how you hold a football!

Let me look at this a little bit closer

Like a snake coming out of the bottle

Look ma! No Hands... or anything else really

Get off my hooves

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